How to use Saved Reports

In order to avoid the lengthy process of generating the same detailed report repeatedly, use the “saved reports” functionality which provides quick access to the customised reports with your specifications.

Go to "REPORTS" >> "Saved Reports"

If this is the first time you're accessing this section or haven't saved any report this will be the first message you will get.


Step 1: Follow the instructions in Knowledge Base article ''How to use the performance report''

Step 2: When you have finished creating your report you will see on the right hand side of the page the option to ''Save or update'' your report. Click 'save'.



The next time you would like to generate one of your saved reports go back to "REPORTS" >> "Saved Reports" and you will get the below screen.

A) Name: This the is name of your report.

B) Type: This show the type of report you are running.

C) Frequency: Rate at which your reports is sent to you.

To edit your frequency click on   . You can unsubscribe from receiving these by clicking on the  option.  



D) Run now: This will generate your report.

E) Delete: If you no longer require the report.

F) Export to CSV: If you would like to export your data to an Excel spreadsheet.


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