Populating Calltracks with Google Analytics Data

These instructions will allow Calltracks to pull data from your Analytics account.

Previously, a goal must be setup within Universal Analytics (UA) before you can proceed with the following setup. Please click here for a full setup guide to creating a goal in Google Analytics.

To allow Calltracks to pull visitor data directly from Google Analytics to populate your Calltracks reporting, you will need to follow these steps.

To start with make sure you are logged in with the correct email address.  Now create a custom dimension within the UA property you want Calltracks to collect data from.

To identify which property you are using:

Navigate to Admin, select the correct property from the property drop down menu

Next click on to property settings

This will reveal the correct Property Tracking ID

It is important to make sure you select the profile you want us to collect data from

Please take a note of the Property Tracking ID

Now go back to the admin screen, making sure the profile does not change, and then click Custom Definitions.

Then click + New Custom Dimension

Set up your custom dimension as follows 

Name: CT Visit ID, Scope: Session

You will see a screen like this, please click "Done". 

Once you have saved your custom dimension, make a note of the Custom dimension index ID you have just created from the table. 

If you are not already logging the Google Visitor ID as a custom dimension, we can do this for you. 

Next find out what Reporting View we should collect data from. You can find the Reporting View ID by going to view. You may need to click the back button to see this screen. 

then select "View Settings" 

you will see the Reporting View ID. 

Once you have created the custom dimensions and have noted your Custom dimension Index ID, you have your Property Tracking ID and your Reporting View ID, login to Calltracks,


Navigate to "Settings", then "Integrations" and use our Google authentication process.  This will allow Calltracks access to your Analytics account.

Once you have authenticated, you will need to fill in the fields with the data you have captured during this process.  


Once you have entered all information, click "Update" and the menu bar above should confirm your updates. 


Once this has been completed you will need to create a custom metric with in the same property. To create a custom metric you will need to go to custom definitions (following the first set of instructions) then choose custom metrics.




Create a new custom metric



Then fill in the fields with the following details



Click save. 

You will then return to the previous screen which will provide you with an index number, please email support@calltracks.com or your point of contact with the index number you have been given. 




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