How to log calls in Google Universal Analytics

Google Universal Analytics Integration

PLEASE NOTE: If you switch from Google Analytics to Universal Analytics you need to notify us.

Calltracks can also feed your call data into Google Universal Analytics. Data can be fed in simultaneously to both ‘traditional’ Google Analytics as well as Universal Analytics, or to Universal Analytics as a standalone integration.

To enable this, simply raise a ticket with the Calltracks support team to confirm you would like this as part of your set-up.

The standard procedure is that we use the Universal Analytics Property ID from your web site, since it will be already be included in your own UA tracking code. The Property ID is sometimes referred to as UID or profile ID, and it is a string beginning with "UA-" followed by a set of numbers, for example "UA-123456789-1".

We then feed call data for this Property ID into your analytics using the measurement protocol.

We can also feed other event types into Universal Analytics. For example if you have a ‘Sales Linking’ package, then your offline transactional data can also be fed into your Analytics.

To track the calls in Universal Analytics, you must set up a goal as shown in the screen shot below:

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