How can I check if the tracking number provided is working ?

In order to check if the tracking number you have been provided with is working or not, please follow the following steps:

1. Make sure the static number listed on your advert is routed to a working telephone number. 

2. To check this, call destination number of the route plan (ie the working telephone number your advert is routed to). If it does not work, there is a fault with the "working telephone" number and not the "tracking number".  You will be able see the number in the advert/route plan and if necessary, click on "edit advert" to amend it. 

3. It is also useful to point the tracking number to an alternative route plan. You can find some help on this article.  This will help you work out exactly where the fault is.

4. Once identified and corrected, point the number back to the original route plan.

If after following the above steps the tracking number is still not working, please raise a support ticket using the help button at the top of the screen providing the tracking number you are having an issue with.


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