How to duplicate an existing user profile

If there is an existing user profile you would like to duplicate so that a new user can have the same profile settings, your Super Admin, Local Admin or Local Manager can use the “duplicate” user option.

Step 1) Find the existing user profile you would like to duplicate:

Go to 'Settings'>> 'Users'

Step 2) In the example below we want to use Joe Bloggs’ profile.  Click on the 'duplicate' button on the righthand side:

Step 3) Now put in the details of the new user as shown below. 

A)  Duplicate Reports - If you want this user to receive the same reports as the user you're duplicating then put a 'tick' in this box.

B) Use this functionality to create the additional users you need.

Step 4) Once you have setup the user(s) click on the 'submit' button and the new (duplicated) user will in the Calltracks interface.

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