Prospect Management - How to use Prospect Management

Prospect Management is an integrated tool in the Calltracks Web interface that is used by outbound (sales) users. This is a list of customers that are going to be contacted by phone.

Step 1) Go to 'Calls' >> 'Prospect Management'


Step 2) Once you have selected 'Prospect Management' you will get a list of the prospects you have created (if there are any). See below example:

The terms below explain the diagram above

A: Filter the view of your prospects by All ,Active or Overdue prospects

B: New prospect list - If you want to create a new prospect list using data from CSV file or CRM system (follow this link for details on CSV field requirements from CRM systems)

C: Name -  the name you have given to your prospect list

D: Assigned to -  assign prospect list to the department,organisation or branch within your company

E: Created on - date prospect was uploaded to system

F: Due on - the deadline set for prospect to be handled 

G: Waiting - customers waiting to be contacted

H: Contacted - customer that already have been contacted

I: Attempted - customer was contact but call was not answered

J: Total - the total amount of customers in your prospect list

K: % Complete - percentage of customers contacted against the total amount of prospects

L:  Admin -  a Calltracks admin has the ability to see this field and delete a prospect


Step 3) To setup a new prospect list click on 'New prospect list' on the top right hand side (see Step 2B). This option will allow you upload a CSV file to create a prospect list. See below example.

A:  If you use Calltracks CRM integration and you are uploading a list from the CRM that we integrate with, select that CRM here. Otherwise choose ''Create a dummy CRM for prospecting data''

B: Prospect management without CRM integration - If you are logging your prospects (leads) in an Excel sheet please save as CSV and select ''Choose file'' to upload them to the Calltracks Web Interface. The prospect will show up in the Calltracks Prospect Management section as shown in Step 2.

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