How to edit and update an existing advert

This article provides a brief step-by-step explanation on how to edit and update an existing trackable number (advert) .

Step 1)  Find the advert by going to Campaigns.  From the filters, search for an advert or open the campaign and see all the adverts associated with the Campaign.

In our example the advert  name is ''Test Advert''.  

Click on Screen_Shot_2017-10-25_at_11.03.05.png


Step 2) You will be presented with the advert details.

Click on the ''pencil'' logo on the right hand side to edit/update advert.


Step 3A)  Now you will have the ability to edit your advert. 

To know how to move an org level or campaign folder please see article ''How to move an advert''


Step 3B ) To change the name of your advert simply delete anything in the ''name'' section and enter your new advert name.



Step 3C) The options below can mostly be change by choosing other options from the dropdown list.


Media               >>  Select the type of media (i.e tv, web, posters) to label your data

Media Title      >>   Select the detailed specification of your Media. For example Social (Media) - Facebook (Media title)

Country Code   >>  Select the Country code of the trackable number you want to assign to your advert. Once you've done so you will be able to select the area code you wish to allocate.

Phone number >>  A number will be automatically allocated once you've selected the area code you want as trackable number.

Route plan       >>  Select the route plan (destination) number you want the calls to be route to from the dropdown list.

Start and end date  >> On the right side you can change/set the start and end date of your advert.

To know more about the trackable number when advert reaches end date see article ''Do my numbers expire if the end date field is populated in the advert?''

Step 4) If you're happy with the updated version of your advert hit Screen_Shot_2017-10-25_at_12.48.48.png



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