How to move an advert

This article will give you a simple step-by-step explanation on how to move an existing advert to another organisational (org) level or an alternative campaign folder.

Step 1)  Firstly find the advert by going to Campaigns on the main menu of the Calltracks platform and searching for the advert you want to amend by typing in the box marked Advert Name: In our example we will use an advert name of ''Test Advert''.  Once you have entered your advert name hit ''Find adverts'' at the bottom of the search screen


Step 2) You will now be presented with your advert. To start making the changes click on the ''pencil'' icon to the right to edit/update the advert.


Step 3)  This will take you into the advert where you will have the ability to edit it. To change the Org Level or the Campaign you will need to hover your mouse to the right of either option which will reveal the Change option as shown below.



Click on the  option which will allow you to select an alternative from the dropdown list that appears


Step 4) Once you're happy with the changes to your advert simply click  Screen_Shot_2017-10-25_at_12.48.48.png  and you're finished...well done!


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