User roles - Set Up - The differences between user types

When creating a new user, it is important to choose the correct user role. Some of these roles have customised abilities depending on your company's requirements.  However, the following descriptions are a general guide.

TO NOTE: A new role as a minimum must contain 'view tab' and at least one 'view' subsection  within the reporting checkboxes. e.g. Reports -> 'view tab' should go with 'missed opportunities' as the reports tab within the UI links to missed opportunities, without having this checked the UI will error. 


Calls only
Calls only allows access to the Calls list. This means they can see the individual calls, and listen to any recordings, but can't perform any reporting or view any details other than what is already provided on the Calls screen. This role is useful if you want to give access to a third party who is analysing your operators phone handling skills. It is important to ensure you don't tick the 'Send email reminders for missed opportunities?' option as they cannot access the Missed Opportunities Report.


Customer Local Admin
This role will give the user the ability to create users themselves. They have access to creating more than a standard Read/Write user, depending on what settings are applied to your company's Calltracks environment.


Local Manager

The Local manager role will give you the ability to perform certain actions on the Calltracks web interface. You will have access to create user(s), set up pin numbers for outbound calls and listen to recorded calls.


Customer Super Admin

This role will give the user the ability to perform certain actions on behalf of the rest of your organisation. Customer Super Admins have additional higher level of access on the Calltracks interface compared to a Customer Local Admin.


This role allows you to create a user that has NO ACCESS to the Calltracks web interface. This is useful for creating a user when using the questionnaire facility, or when using the Outbound Recording.  A user MUST exist before they can use this facility. Please remember to ensure you DO NOT tick either of the email options, as they cannot access the system to respond.
Read Only
The user has the ability to see individual calls as well as run reports.  They cannot make any changes. They can still get the missed opportunity emails if required.

The user has the ability to create Calltracks adverts to obtain a new phone number, create and upload prospect lists and all access of a Read Only user.

Receptionist has the ability to see the Missed Opportunity Report ONLY. This allows them to deal with missed calls, should you have any.

Reporting Only
This user can see the reports, but cannot see any other part of the system, like individual calls or list to the recordings. This can be useful if you need some of your advertising analysed by a Third party.
View Inbound Calls Only
Like Calls Only, but restricted to inbound.

View Outbound Calls Only
Like Calls Only, but restricted to outbound.



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