My calls are not showing in Google Analytics

There are a number of reasons why calls may not show in your Google Analytics account.  It is normally an installation issue, a goal that has been set up incorrectly, or the UA ID we have is different from the one being used on your website. 

Please follow these simple steps to verify you are setup correctly. 

Is the dynamic numbering implemented on my website correctly? 

To test this, open a web browser and go to a page that displays your phone number, then open a second browser and navigate to the same page, if the numbers are different in each browser then your installation is correct. If they are the same then please check you have installed the code correctly within your website, you can read the installation instructions here. 

Am I set up with the correct version of Google Analytics?

Google has two Analytics products: Google Analytics, sometimes called Classic Analytics and Google Universal Analytics or UA. The first thing you need to do is to check if you are running Classic or Universal. Google have written an article to help you to find out which you can view here. See if you use Universal Analytics

Once you have checked this, please read the relevant article below that relates to your Analytics account and make sure you have the goal configured correctly, you can see how these are setup using the links here.

How to log calls in google analytics


Logging calls in Google Universal Analytics

If you have checked all of the steps above and everything is configured correctly but still not working, please contact a member of our support team who will be happy to assist you further. 

Please have the following information ready for the support agent. 

1. A URL where the Dynamic numbering is installed

2. The Analytics UA- ID

3. Conformation of the version of Analytics you are using

You can reach support by submitting a support request at the top of this page. 


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