Static vs Dynamic Numbers - How to know the difference

Static Numbers:

These are traditional tracking numbers that will forward your calls to an existing landline or mobile, allowing you to track marketing performance.

You can use static tracking numbers in any media.  Such as in a magazine advert, a direct mail piece, or a click-to-call extension on your pay-per-click marketing.

Information reported as standard includes:

  • How many calls you get from each advert
  • Callers number (if not withheld)
  • Date and time stamp of call
  • Ring duration
  • Call duration

Features included as standard:

  • Call Recording and call download
  • Missed opportunity (call) email notifications
  • Ability for you to generate your own reports within interface
  • Export reports to CSV
  • Schedule weekly or monthly reports to be automatically emailed

Dynamic Number (Visitor Level Tracking):

Dynamic Numbers can only be used on a website.  Instead of having a single static tracking number where all your web visitors see the same number.  A dynamic number will change for every visitor to you website.

For example, if you have 100 visitors on your website at the same time, each of them will see a different version of your number.

This is controlled by JavaScript which will automatically change the numbers.

In addition, dynamic numbers allow you to set up phone calls as a goal within your Google Analytics account, and integrate into the likes of Google Adwords and Doubleclick. This is great if you want to track your SEO / PPC / Affiliate efforts. 

Dynamic numbers even provides the possibility to see what pages someone looked at before, during and after they called you.

Information included over and above static number set up:

  • View channel information that drove visitor to your website (source, medium, keyword and campaign where applicable)
  • See pages viewed before, during and after phone call

Features included over and above static number set up:

  • Integration into 3rd party tools such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Doublelick Floodlight 

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