How to Port numbers away from Calltracks

If you want to take your numbers away from Calltracks, for example should you wish to cancel your account and move the numbers to another communications provider, you can do this by submitting in a porting request.

This process must be initiated by the gaining telecoms provider (whom you want to port the numbers away to). They will then issue the porting request to Calltracks. 


This must be done before your Service End Date.

One important thing to note is, that porting will only be feasible if both your new tier 1 carrier you want to port to, and our tier 1 carrier have porting agreements in place.


This is only applicable for UK numbers owned by Calltracks as we are subject to Ofcom regulation.

Porting is not available for international numbers outside the UK.


Keywords: Porting, changing telecoms providers

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