The Super Admin role

The Super Admin, as its name implies, is an administrator of the Calltracks account within your organisation.  Acting as the main representative(s) between Calltracks and the rest of your organisation.

They have additional menu access to the Calltracks interface that enables Super Admins to perform certain actions on behalf of the rest of the organisation’s users.

Examples include:

  • Managing users - creation, disabling/re-enabling and generally managing who they deem fit to access your organisation's Calltracks account
  • Setup outbound calling and user pin numbers 
  • Create organisation levels (org levels), where this facility is enabled
  • Liaise between your organisation's requests and Calltracks.
  • Being the Calltracks advocate within your organisation and be able to train the rest of the employees.

It is highly recommended to designate a couple of substitutes to take over the role responsibilities when the super admin is out of office.

With the added responsibility, there will undoubtedly be more training required. Don't worry if there are aspects that you are unsure of, contact Calltracks and we will be more than happy to arrange training over the phone or via a visual presentation call. The system is straightforward, and we will endeavour to offer you the support you need to perform the Super Admin role.

*Please note super admins CANNOT set up additional super admins.  Should you require additional super admins to be set up, them the super admin will need raise ticket in the help section above and provide the following information:

  • Name of user
  • Email 
  • Phone Number - mobile/DDI preferred
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