How to create adverts for static numbers

To create new adverts you will need new tracking numbers to replace your existing phone numbers in your advertising, for example in your email campaigns and in your brochures.

To generate your first tracking number you need to create a New Advert. This can be done by first accessing the Campaigns -> Campaigns list. A campaign is the container/folder for the adverts, so you can select an existing campaign or create a new one (How to create a campaign) by selecting New Campaign on the top right of the interface.

Now follow the eight steps below:

  1. Click “New Advert” in a campaign folder
  2. Enter “Advert Name”
  3. Select “Media” (your pre-defined options)
  4. Select “Media Title” (similar to ‘Media’, these are also pre-defined)
  5. Pick the type of tracking number you want to use (local geographic / national etc)
  6. Pick the number you would like to forward the calls to
  7. Enter an “End date” (allows enhanced reporting)
  8. Click save

You will then be presented with a new tracking number that you can use.​

Guide to Call Tracking - Creating Static Numbers

​Once Calltracks have assigned the new telephone number(s); be it national, international or geographic, you can repeat the steps above to create additional adverts for static numbers.


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