How to point an advert to a different destination number/route plan

An advert is the connection between a tracking number and its' destination number.  The advert is saved in Calltracks and should be named in a format that is identifiable for the client.

The "tracking number" is the number displayed in the advert, and the “destination number” is the number that the calls are routed to.

A route plan has the destination number and the failover.   To join the “tracking number” and “destination number” these need to be linked within the route plans.  To create the relevant route plan, please follow these steps:

1. Create the route plan by going to Numbers -> Route Plans -> Create new Route Plans as follows:

2. Go to your existing advert and select the route plan as follows:

This way, you will be associating the route plan, with the destination number, with the Calltracks tracking number provided.

If you wish to change the destination number of an advert, you can either modify the route plan, and select another one, or change the destination number on the route plan. However, do bear in mind that with this last option, ALL the adverts with this route plan selected will be affected, and the calls will be redirected to the new destination number.

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