How to create Media and Media Titles

“Media” and “Media Titles” are two mandatory fields you will need to populate when creating adverts. These two fields are very useful when reporting, as the reporting functionality will allow you to create reports by the "type" of advertising where you are currently displaying your numbers.


The difference between “Media” and “Media Titles" is explained below.

“Media” is the type of media where your number would be placed, such as:

Online - Web

Offline - Newspaper

“Media Title” is the media type specific to where your number will be placed. You could have the same “Media” set up multiple times, and you would use “Media Title” to identify which particular “Media Title” you are using: For example:

Web - eCommerce website (Media title)

Newspaper - The Guardian (Media title)

Newspaper – The Times (Media title)

The media and media title are not created by default, so you will need to create them.

How to create media and media title by default?

In order to do so, you will need to go to Settings -> Media:


Once you're on the media page click on "Add media type".


There is a set of suggested common media types and you can add these by clicking on “set up some common media”.

Once you created the media, by clicking on “add title” you can add the media title.



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