Organisation Levels - How to structure your Callracks

Within the Calltracks interface your company's locations and departments are known as Org levels . Short for Organisation Levels.

Step 1) As a system administrator you can set up Org levels by going to 'Settings' >> 'Org levels'


Here you will find your current Org levels set up to represent your organisations structure. At the top of this tree will be your company name. Below this you will see the rest of your company, set up in the form of regions, locations, departments or product type.  Specific to your organisation. 

Example below.


Step 2) To add a new Org level you must first locate the Parent Org level where you would like the Org level to be created, to sit under.

For example, to add a new location under your main company, you would look for your Company Name within the Org level at the top of the list.

From above example we want to create a new Org level under the company De Beauvoir Cars. If you wanted to add a new department to an existing location, you would need to find the existing location within the Org level list. 

Once you find the existing Org level you would like the new one to sit under, you can click the '+ Add Child' button on the right of the screen.


The existing Org level in this example, "De Beauvoir Cars", is known as the parent org level.

Step 3) Once you click the '+ Add child button', you will be able to enter a name to identify your new Org level. You also need to set the Org Level type for example, Location, Branch, Department etc. See below example and explanation.


A) Select the parent org level that this new org level will fall under.

B) Label your new org level by type and select options from dropdown list.

C) Give your new org level a name.

D) If you tick this option it will automatically create a campaign, adverts folder with the same name as org level.  This will hold all your adverts for this Org level.

E) This is the root (parent org level) confirmation of where the new org level will sit under.

F) These details will only appear if Calltracks is integrated with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.

Click Screen_Shot_2017-03-23_at_11.33.52.png and your new org level is created.


PLEASE NOTE: If you don't see the '+ Add Child' button you will need to request your access to be upgraded by contacting your manager. If you are a Calltracks Administrator, user please raise a ticket using the help button at the top of this screen. 


Once org level is created, if you then need to create a new advert or adverts go to:

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