Destination Number/Routeplan - How to route your calls

Destination numbers are the telephone numbers that you want your Calltracks Tracking Numbers (adverts) to point to (be answered at).  In Calltracks, these are known as Route Plans

Usually, in order to create a new route plan you will need to be assigned to a Calltracks Admin role, and have the facility enabled on your account.

To create a route plan, go to the menu option: 'Numbers' >> 'Route Plans'

This will display a list of route plans already setup on your account, if any already exist.

On the right, there will be a button called: '+ New route plan'. Clicking on this will present the window shown below:

First select the Org level that you wish to have 'ownership' of the route plan. By this we mean that any org levels above the one chosen in your organisation tree will not see this route plan, therefore will not be able to inadvertently select it as an option.

Don't worry about the prefix dropdown.  This is simply a code to identify your route plans within Calltracks.  

Next, enter a name for your route plan and then add the phone number you wish calls to be answered on. If you are entering a non-UK number you must prefix the phone number with the country code.

ie, if the destination is a North American number, you will put in +1 844 12341234

Finally, if you would like the child org levels under the one you have selected to be able to access this route plan as well.  Tick the 'Share this route plan with organisation levels that fall under this one?' box. If you don't, then only tracking numbers created in this specific org level will be able to use this route plan.

Now click the 'Save' button. 

If the number already exists in another route plan, there will be a warning message displayed along with a checkbox that you will need to tick to select to confirm that you wish to set this route plan up with the same destination number. This can be a sensible thing to do in circumstances where you have two departments that currently share the same number, but may have their own separate numbers in the future. This will prevent you from having to change all the Tracking numbers to use a new route plan.  Meaning you can just change the department route plan number instead.

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