How to import a reporting segment into Google Analytics

There may be occasions when Calltracks have helped you created a segment specific to your organisation and it now needs importing.  

In this case, click the link provided in the email.

  1. Open the Segment-import panel.
  2. Set the import options:
    • Select Any view to make the Segment available in all views in your current Analytics account.
    • Select the second option and then pick a specific view from the menu if you want to make the Segment available in only one view.
    • Give the Segment a new name if necessary.
  3. Click Create.
    The Segment builder opens with the configuration of the Segment. 

4. You can rename the Segment, and you can modify the existing filters and add new ones if you like.

5.When you have the Segment configured as you want, click Save. The imported Segment is available in the Segments list.

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