Google Analytics - Goal Value and personalisation parameters

As standard, Calltracks pushes the call duration (in seconds) to the event value in Google Analytics.

The event value is a numeric value associated with the event in the Calltracks Goal and is configured as follows:

eventCategory     Typically the object that was interacted with - Offline Contact
eventAction     The type of interaction - Phone Call
eventLabel     Useful for categorising events - Call start time and date
eventValue     A numeric value associated with the event - Call Duration

And it would appear in Google Analytics as follows:

There is the option to personalise this value in the goal configuration by assigning a fixed value in the event value field as follows: 

The fixed value will be applied to every call, instead of listing the call duration. This configuration is recommended when you know how much a call is worth to your business.

If you wish to apply this configuration to your set up, please raise a ticket at the top of this screen. 


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