Visitor tracking and call tagging

Visitor tracking call tagging

Visitor tracked Calls are dynamically associated to data related to the actual visitor who browses your website, in comparison to Static tracked calls where the associated data is pre defined when you create the tracking number (advert). 

The Data is associated to your call via series of Tags which can come from various sources we rank by priority. 

Priority One: URL Paramaters


Priority Source Example
1.) Calltracks Proprietary Tags tha are prefixed with 'wnd_'

2.) Standard Google utm, Tags that are prefixed with 'utm_'



The Values that you use in a URL Parameter will take precedence over all the subsequent sources. 

Priority Two: google Analytics Plug In

Google information is second to URL Parameters as you have complete control over your urls, as you have full control over your URL structure and can decide to use or not. 

When the Google Analytics account is integrated with Calltracks, and a subsequent call is made to a tracked telephone number, Calltracks will query Google for any related, stored information for previously unfilled Tags only. 


The following URL was created in Google Ad Words, and the ad was clicked:

Any call resulting from that visit would have the source set to 'my_source' and not CPC. Any other data that is supplied via Google will be filled into the respective Tag Type. 

Standard Set of Tags for Dynamic Calls are listed here:


parameter name
maps to CT tag
wnd_match_type WND Match Type
wnd_traffic_source WND Analytics Traffic Source
wnd_campaign_medium WND Analytics Campaign Medium
wnd_search_phrase WND Search Phrase
wnd_keyword WND Keyword
wnd_campaign_name WND Analytics Campaign Name
wnd_ad_group WND Analytics Ad Group
wnd_content WND Analytics Campaign Content
utm_term WND Keyword
utm_medium WND Analytics Campaign Medium
utm_campaign WND Analytics Campaign Name
utm_source WND Analytics Traffic Source
utm_content WND Analytics Campaign Content


In addition to the standard Analytics Data Type Tags, the following Tags may also be created:

Tag type name: wnd gclid 

Tag value: <gclid>

Whenever a GCLID is supplied, Calltracks will store the GCLID value as a Tag.

Please note: a GCLID value may be present in a URL even if this has been a direct click clicking (a stale/saved/forwarded URL for example). This can lead to an Ad Word generated click not linking to a source of 'CPC". 

Tag type name: wnd referrer url

Tag value: <The referring url obtained from http headers>

This is the referring url as supplied in the http headers, and shouldn't be confused with source. Source is what is supplied via url parameters or Google integration. This may differ - so both are stored so depending on your requirements, you can use them as you see fit. 

Please note: If you are using the Calltracks Plugin and are running Auto Tagging you do not need to use WND or UTM Tags for your Google Ad Words. We recommend that for all other sources you may be tracking you use UTM Tags. 


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