SA 360

Calltracks is able to push conversions directly in to SA360 using a floodlight tag and the SA360 API.  

To initiate the link please enable the Conversion API in the account. This user must have an active account within Calltracks, that uses the same email address. 

PLEASE NOTE: Agency multi account access will not work, the user must be at a client level called 'Advertiser user'.

If you have a client email address you use, we are able to use this as an authentication only email. But it must be at advertiser level. See more details here:

Setup a Floodlight Activity Tag - 

When the tag is created please ensure the type is Action, see more detail here:

Once completed please send Calltracks the details, as an example the  name should be something like this...

Please note we need the Name not the ID.



Activity Name: CT - Data Import - [client name]

Activity Group Name: Call Tracks Import


Custom Floodlight Variables

We are also able to push in phone call tags to the custom dimensions or U fields. 

For example, if you use URL tagging to identify the page or page category the customer is calling from we can also send this to you as a custom variable. In addition, you may also choose to use a custom metric, for example, the call duration in seconds. 

Please let us know the NAME* of the field and we will provide a list of pre-configured tags so that you can enable it in SA360. 

Account verification

Once you have supplied Calltracks with this information, we will ask you to login to Calltracks to authenticate. 

*We require the name of the u variable you wish the data to be sent to not just the id number for the field.

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