Linking Google Analytics 4 to Calltracks

These instructions will allow Calltracks to pull data from your Analytics account.

A Conversion Event must be setup within Google Analytics 4 before you can proceed with this setup. Please click here for a full setup guide to creating a Conversion in Google Analytics 4.

You will need to follow these steps to allow Calltracks to pull visitor data directly from Google Analytics to populate your Calltracks reporting.

Make sure you are logged into Analytics with the correct email address to create a custom dimension within the GA4  property you want Calltracks to collect data.


To identify which property you are using:



Next, click on Property > Property Details to reveal the Property ID (top right corner) and make a note of it.


It is important to make sure you select the correct profile you want us to collect data from


Now go back to the list below the Property Settings click Custom Definitions, and then click "Custom Dimensions"


Then select Create Custom dimension


Enter the below information 

Dimension name: Ct visit id

Scope: Event

Description: Calltracks visit id

Event parameter: ct_visit_id


then click save


Once you have noted down your, Property ID.


Login to Calltracks to access our Authentication page.



Click on "Settings" then "Integrations" This will allow Calltracks access to your Analytics account.

Once you have authenticated, you must fill in the fields with the data you captured during this process.  

Once you have entered the information in the Property Id field (bottom box), click Update and the menu bar above should confirm your updates. 



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