How to port numbers into Calltracks

To initiate a porting request please email so we can send you a form to complete.

If you do not know the supplier of your existing number(s) you can visit the Ofcom number register:

If a customer wants to port numbers into Calltracks there will be a charge of approximately £10.00 per single numbers, £20.00 per continuous block of 10 numbers and £100.00 per continuous block of 100 numbers.

We also recommend not using ported numbers for a dynamic pool otherwise your visitor tracking data may be skewed by repeat callers.

PLEASE NOTE: Porting numbers into Calltracks is only possible if our Tier 1 carrier has a porting agreement in place with your current supplier.

Once you have raised a ticket, will send you a form to complete with further instructions. Our team will confirm if the Port will be possible based on the information received.

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