How to create new users

Our product allows users to have different levels of access to the interface, with specific permissions tailored for your company roles.

Only Super Admin or Local Admin roles are able to create or edit users.

Please note

Once you have created the perfect user type and associated reports, you can clone this user for anyone that requires to have the same access and reporting. Save yourself time by utilising the ''duplicate'' user option. This is the two heads icon to the right of the user to be duplicated. Please refer to our Knowledge Base article How to Duplicate and Existing User

Creating new users:

Step 1)

Go to 'Settings' - > 'Users' - > 'New user' (top right hand side).

Step 2) 

A) After clicking on 'New user' you will be presented with the below screen. Start by select the relevant organisation level on the right hand side of the page.  These are the organisation levels that the user should have access to by ticking the relevant box(s) as shown below.

NB: If you do not select the 'Organisation Levels' you will not be able to see the associated roles when you move on to later sections. Always select 'Organisation Levels' before selecting the 'role'.


B). Move on to fill in the new user details as shown below and make sure you assign the relevant role for the new user. More info about roles can be found here User Roles - The Differences Between User Types

Do not use the setup login name button.  This is available purely for the instances when the user does not have an email address or they are to be a, no login user. 



Step 3) After you have set up the details for new user, click on 'Create' located in the top right hand corner. The page will refresh and a confirmation page giving you a summary of the new user that has been created. 


Click 'send' at the bottom of the 'Send signup' email message, to email the user their logins details.


Making User Changes:

You can always make changes to the new user details you've created by using the Edit, Disable and Delete options at the top of the page.

Duplicating Users

If a user profile has already been created and you would like to add another user with the same profile. Save yourself the time and choose the 'duplicate user' option. Please follow our Knowledge Base article How to Duplicate an Existing User


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