Outbound Call Recording not working 'please dial in from the access number'

If you hear a message from the access number, saying 'please dial in from the access number'.  This means the number that is displayed on the phone you are calling from known as the CLI, is not configured to access this outbound setup.

For example, configure the setup for a mobile number 07958 123 456 and then call from another phone, for example 07958 456 123, the system will play "please call from the access number".

This can be easily fixed. Once you have made a note of the number you are trying to use, contact the relevant digital champion or system administrator, normally the person who created your pin number, who will be able to grant access to you. You will need to provide them with the number you wrote down.

This is not a request Calltracks can action, as for security reasons adding an additional phone to access outbound calling is controlled by your administrators or digital champions.

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