Why can't I see a route plan in my advert?

When creating a new route plan, as described in "How to set up a destination number or route plan", the new route plan has to be associated with an org level.


The first step for creating a new advert, is to create a campaign and associate it to an org level as shown in the image below:

The concept of org level and tree structure is very important. An org level can have child org levels underneath it which can be departments, branches, locations and even other companies as shown in the image below:

In this case the UK, USA and Australia departments are all child org levels of Test Track Global.

When creating a new advert you want to make sure that it is associated to the relevant org level and in order to do this the campaign needs to be connected to the correct org level.

For example using the image above, if you connected the campaign to the "USA department" org level, the advert and campaign would only be associated with "USA department.  However, if you connected the campaign to the "Test Track Global" org level, then the campaign and advert would be linked all four org levels, starting with "Test Track Global" and then the three departments underneath it.

If you cannot see the campaign you want to use available in the route plan drop down, it can be for two reasons:

1. The org level of the Campaign in which you are creating the advert is not a child or in the same org level as the Route Plan.  It likely to be higher in the tree (so in the example above if you can't find "Test Track Global", it is because your campaign is associated with "USA department".) You can solve it by going to Numbers -> Route plans and editing the route plan and changing the org level so that it is connected to the correct one.

2. The route plan is not shared with the org levels below. This option is recommended when the route plan have to be available for all the child org levels. In this scenario, go to numbers-> route plans and edit the route plan, tick the box "Share this route plan with Organisation levels that fall under this one.

This is important as there are times that you may wish to share the campaign across a number of org levels - using the example above.  

If you do not have access to edit route plans, please contact your Super Admin.


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