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The Local Manager role will give you the ability to perform certain actions on the Calltracks web interface. You will have access to create user(s), set up pin numbers for outbound calls and listen to calls.

How do I know if I have 'Local manager' rights? 

To find out if you have Local manager rights, please log in to Calltracks and you should see 'Local Manager' (Admin) next to your name on the top right hand side:

What am I able to do as 'Local Manager'?

A)  Creating new users:

Step 1)

Local Admins have the ability to create profiles for other users in their organisation. If you as local Admin would like to create new users, please go to 'Settings' - > 'Users' - > 'New users' (top right hand side).

Step 2) 

A) After clicking on 'New users' you will see below screen. Put the details of new user in here and make sure you assign the relevant role for new user. To know what these user profiles are and do please visit our Knowledge Base article User Roles - The Differences Between the User Types

Note: If the new user does NOT have an email address use the 'Set up login name' option to setup user with username opposed to an email address.

B) Select the relevant 'organisation level', that the user should have access to by ticking relevant box as shown below. (Click on 'edit' in the user list, to make adjustments to existing users)

Step 3) Once you have set up the details of new user click on 'Create' (top right hand side) and you should get below confirmation page giving you a summary of the new user that has been created.

 You can always make changes to the new user details you've created by using the Edit, Disable and Delete options at the top.

Note: If you've already created a user and you would like to add another user with the same profile. Save yourself the time and choose the ''duplicate'' user option. Please follow our Knowledge Base article How to Duplicate an Existing User

B) Set up pin numbers for outbound calls

Now that you have set up your new user, you may want to enable them to make outbound calls by creating a pin number for them. To know how to do this please see Knowledge Base article How to Set Up Pin Numbers

 C)  Listen to calls  

As a Local manager you have the ability to listen to both inbound and outbound calls made by your team.

In order to do is go to 'Calls' - > 'Inbound Calls' or - > 'Outbound Calls' (or to see both click on)- > 'All Calls'.

1) Go to 'Inbound calls' and you will get a list of incoming calls from clients. The same when you click on 'Outbound calls'  but this will show you a list of the calls made by different people within your business.

click 'filter' at the top to define your search for a specific Inbound or outbound call.

A) Call ID: This is the unique code the system gives to each inbound and outbound call. D) Caller name: This is the name of your (potential) client . Please note that this only works if Calltracks and your company's CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system are integrated.
B) From number: This is the number of the person who initiated the call. E) Start date/ End date: Specify the date range you want to capture for these calls to be shown.
C) To number: This is the destination number. F) Once you're happy with your search hit ''Generate Report''.


Example of list of Inbound Calls :


A)  View here your Total number of calls.  F)  Advert description and where is is located in the platform/interface.
B) Percentage of answered calls (in person or by automated system). G) The date and time the call was made.
C) Percentage of calls unanswered or due to busy line. H) The amount of time it took for call to be answered.
D) If you wish to view your Calls live as they come in you can switch this button ''ON'' . I)  Total length of call.
E) This shows which number initialed the call and where the call was delivered to. J) Outcome or current state of call.


K) Click on the  symbol to listen to the call. An audio player section will then appear where you will be able to play the call recording. Details:







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